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Chapter One:

Moonshadow enters the camp, shaking out the water from her glistening pelt. The golden sunlight bouncing off the waterfall, creating a beautiful golden ambient light in the cave.

"Moonshadow!" Deerpaw runs up behind her, pouncing on her back playfully.

"Deerpaw!," Moonshadow chuckles, shaking off the apprentice, hearing a small thump as she lands on the stone, "What are you doing? I thought you were helping Gingerpaw collect some herbs?" She sits down, grooming her sleek silver tabby fur.

"Gingerpaw said she didn't need any help, so I went hunting," Deerpaw states plainly, "Look! That’s my salmon over there" she twitches her ear, pointing at the freshkill pile.

"That’s huge!, that we should give that to the kits!"

"Now?" she jumps in excitement, wanting to see the young kits.

"Let's first go check if they're hungry" She pad over to the most protected cavern, the nursery. They push through the lone gorse wall, an excited mewl comes from Hollykit. The black kit steps up to us, nuzzling our paws.

"Moonshadow! Deerpaw!" Tanglewhisker mewls, happy to see the two cats, "What are you doing?"

"We were wondering if you would like a salmon for you kit and to share with Rainfur?" Moonshadow glances at the sleeping queen, a former warrior.

"Of course! We haven't had salmon since last Greenleaf!" She licks her lips, remembering the sweet taste of the rare fish.

"Were lucky we get salmon in Newleaf, Twilightclan and Duskclan don't ever get salmon!" Deerpaw speaks up, while playing with Hollykit, "They don't even like fish!"

"Well, we will bring in the salmon, then we better get to the clan meeting" Moonshadow nudges Deerpaw, "Let's go"

"Aww" Deerpaw reluctantly leaves the kit behind, wishing she could play longer. They grab the pink salmon, and drop it off in the nursery, then they split off. Deerpaw runs to share a freshwater tuna with the other apprentices, while Moonshadow grabs a finch and pads up to Runestone.

"Hey," The low grumble of the experienced warrior always makes her ears twitch.

"you want to share this?" Moonshadow asks, nervously dropping the finch lightly between them.

"sure" He sits down, taking a bite out of the fat finch. A call comes from the rock ledge above the leader's cavern.

"Let all cats old enough to swim gather here to hear my words!" Otterstar leaps onto the boulder on the side of the main cavern, now completely confident being Dawnclan's new leader. The other cats who were chattering now silenced, sits closer to the leader. Moonshadow shuffles on her paws, pondering on two things, one, whether or not Runestone likes her, and two, if Whisperpaw and Bearpaw will be apprenticed yet.

"I, Otterstar, leader of Dawnclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend the to you as a warrior in their turn." Otterstar gently motions for the two apprentices to step forward.

"Bearpaw, Whisperpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend your clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"I do" the two apprentices mewl, Whisperpaw shifting weight on her paws.

"Then by the powers of starclan, I give you your warrior names. Bearpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Bearheart. Starclan honours your faith and determination and we welcome you as a full member of this clan"

Bearheart steps forward, and touches noses with Otterstar, now Whisperpaw was left standing alone.

"Whisperpaw, from this moment on you shall be known as Whisperpelt. Starclan honours your patience and spirit, and we now welcome you as a full member of this clan" Otterstar then touches noses with Whisperpelt.

"Bearheart! Whisperpelt! Bearheart! Whisperpelt!" The clan cats yowl, excited for the new warriors. Whisperpelt and Bearheart slip of camp, murmuring to each other, tails entwined.

"Ya know, it's not going to be long till she's in the nursery" Rainfur points out, watching the new Warriors walk away "We're gonna have to make some more room In the nursery" The old she-cat pads back into the nursery, bracing as she knows she will be pounced on by Hollykit.



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